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Add Rule (SC Manager)

Table of contents

  1. Resources and Permissions
  2. Assign rule
    1. Temporary Permissions

The permission rules define which actions are allowed to the holder of a specific role.

Resources and Permissions

The permission defines which action can be performed on which resource by which role. Sol Cerberus allows defining any combination of roles, resources and permissions, allowing fine-grained access management.

Assign rule

Inside your SC app:

  • Click on the Permissions section.
  • Click New permission.
  • Enter a Role.
  • Enter a Resource.
  • Enter a Permission.
  • Click on Save changes to upload changes to the blockchain.

Temporary Permissions

Permissions can be temporary, click the Temporary checkbox and set an UTC time at which the rule will expire.

Example. Allow guests to open the door, assign a permission rule as… Role: Guest, Resource: Door, Permission: Open

Using the Add buttons next to roles or resources helps quickly adding multiple similar rules.