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Assign Role (SC Manager)

Table of contents

  1. Assign role
    1. Temporary roles

In order to control access to an app, at least one Role is necessary. Roles are simply text strings (names). The role can be assigned to either:

  • A wallet address
  • A NFT address
  • All owners of NFTs belonging to a specific collection address.
  • Everyone (using the "*" wildcard)

Assign role

To assign a role, follow these steps inside your SC app:

  • Click on Roles section.
  • Click Assign Role.
  • Pick a name.
  • Choose Type of address.
  • Enter the address.
  • Click on Save changes to upload changes to the blockchain.

Temporary roles

Role assignments can be temporary, click the Temporary checkbox and set an UTC time at which the role assignment will expire.

You can assign the same role to several wallets/NFTs/Collections, or any mix thereof. Click Add, next to the role name, or use Assign and enter the same role name again.